SWP Private Client

This is our most exclusive proposition for clients who have in excess of £300,000 invested through us. They will usually have complex financial affairs, with associated tax planning needs. We offer the full range of model active, model passive and discretionary portfolios to suit your needs. We will also build bespoke portfolios for some of these clients who have particular requirements.

You will get quarterly reviews, newsletters and market commentary and invites to Private Client events. As a Private Client you have the whole range of investment solutions available to you including Discretionary and a variety of tax planning ideas and options.

SWP Private Client Plus

Clients with over £1 million invested will be classed as a Private Client Plus member and we will not charge them any initial fees for work completed. They or their family will not pay any further initial charges and fees to Suckling Waddington and Partners for further investments (excluding Final Salary (DB) Transfer fees). Ongoing fees will still be payable.

Family Linking

We can add the value of family members investments to your own when calculating our initial and ongoing fees. They may therefore benefit from a discount, especially on ongoing fees or for Private Client Plus clients. The details of the family members investments will obviously be confidential to them.