SWP Lite

This is a light touch service offering an excellent introduction to financial management for those clients with existing pensions and investments that are typically under £100,000. SWP Lite works by matching your attitude to risk to a risk rated portfolio.

The model portfolios we use are the result of years of experience and research. They range from cautious to adventurous, and the more risk you are prepared to take the more return you should expect over the medium-to-long term. The passive portfolios we offer in this service range from three to seven on the risk scale, to offer our clients a good mix of safe investments and high returns.

Managing your investments

With SWP Lite you have unlimited access to your account information using our online WRAP service. The WRAP is a sophisticated computer system which brings together all the independent elements of your financial portfolio, including pensions, ISAs and investment bonds, allowing you to manage them all through one interface. This means you have constant access to all elements of your portfolio online.

SWP Lite works by matching your attitude to risk to a risk rated portfolio. Portfolios are either passive or active and we try to obtain the most cost-effective solution available. You will have access to your account online and will be sent an annual valuation and performance report.

You will have access to an adviser, but you may incur further costs at that time. The adviser will outline any other costs depending on the advice required. If your investments exceed £100,000, due to new investments or growth you will be invited to join the SWP Wealth Service. If you have less than £100,000 you may still opt for SWP Wealth, subject to minimum fees.